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Tilt and turn UPVC windows utilise large glass panels to create a flood lit environment that brightens up any home.

Discover the effortless convenience and enhanced safety of GT Glazing's Tilt and Turn windows. Our innovative tilt and turn operation allows windows to be opened wide, facilitating easy cleaning from the comfort of your home.


This unique feature not only ensures a cleaner and brighter living space but also promotes safer window maintenance.

Safety takes center stage with our tilt before turn locking system, prioritizing the tilt/ventilation option, making it ideal for ground floor installations and crucial in high-rise applications for enhanced child safety. The turn function permits both internal and external cleaning at heights without risk, as the window opens inwards.

Our internally glazed Tilt and Turn windows not only excel in weather tightness but also guarantee the highest levels of security and safety. Each window in our Tilt and Turn range boasts A-rated glazing and top-notch security features as standard.


Elevate your living experience with GT Glazing – where innovation meets safety and security without compromise.

A quarter turn of the handle opens the top of the window, allowing it to tilt inwards from the bottom hinges. And a half-turn of the handle allows the window to swing inwards from the side hinges, enabling the outer pane of glass to be cleaned comfortably from inside your home.
You can alter the opening using a tilt restrictor for complete peace of mind and a multi-point locking system adds extra security as well. Plus, we always use galvanised steel reinforcement to add further rigidity, and internal glazing beads to prevent removal of the sealed unit from the outside.
OUR uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows are a dream to clean, with side hinges that enable the outer pane to swing inwards allowing them to be cleaned from the inside of your home.
They come in a choice of seven finishes, including six woodgrain options. And you even have the option of a different colour on the inside of the window to the outside to complement your home’s exterior and interior decor.34
As you’d expect, they are double glazed and filled with argon gas as standard to keep your home warm, quiet, secure and draught-free
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