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The key benefits offered by high quality secondary windows fitted by GT Glazing  include improved acoustic insulation protection against noise pollution from road traffic, aircraft and the 24 hour society.

Elevate your living environment with the transformative advantages of secondary glazing from GT Glazing. This involves installing new, fully independent secondary window frames on the interior side of your existing or primary windows.

Experience a realm of benefits with our high-quality secondary windows. Immerse yourself in enhanced acoustic insulation, effectively shielding your space from the disruptions of road traffic, aircraft noise, and the constant hum of the 24-hour society.


Our secondary glazing systems go beyond, boosting thermal insulation to conserve energy and trim down fuel bills. Additionally, revel in heightened window security as these systems act as a protective barrier against potential intruders and even blasts.

Choose GT Glazing for a comprehensive solution that not only enhances your living conditions but also contributes to energy efficiency, peace of mind, and overall well-being. Embrace the difference that high-quality secondary glazing can make in your daily life.

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Wide range of applications

GT Glazing secondary glazing systems are used for a wide range of applications:

Churches • Clean Rooms • Concert Halls • Control rooms • Hotel bedrooms • Heritage Buildings •Laboratories • Lecture theatres • Libraries •Museums and galleries • Music rooms • Offices • Pubs and Clubs • Recording Studios • Residential • Secure Reception Screens • Secure Institutions • Sound Studios

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