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Ultra Modern Slimline Aluminium Roof Lantern For New Build Home


The GT Glazing team were called to their latest project, a brand new house was in need of an ultra modern Roof Lantern.

To match the rest of upmarket development our customer wanted something that was going to stand out from all angles. Above the centre of the kitchen needed to be a Roof Lantern which would allow the maximum amount of light to flood in. The team suggested a Ultra Modern Slimline Aluminium Roof Lantern finished in tinted glass and thin black edging.

Working closely with the builder, the GT Glazing team advised them what was needed. After receiving the sizes from the builder, the made to order Roof Lantern was purchased and was put in to production. After a few weeks the Roof lantern was ready to be installed. Working to a structured schedule the team had a few hour window to install. Everything went perfectly. The end result amazed everyone, the perfect choice.

Once the owner returned to check on progress, they couldn't believe how modern and amazing the Roof Lantern looked. A very happy customer. They said "What a result. I couldn't ask for better help or workmanship from GT Glazing, thank you."

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