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Custom colour door shines with full house makeover


Although the customer loved their original doors and windows, they felt it didn’t provide them with a substantial level of security any more and the cold weather was bringing terrible drafts underneath the door. Our customer wanted a makeover that would give them adequate security, outstanding quality and also be energy-saving. Due to the extension range of colours provided, they ended up selecting duck egg colour composite doors which complimented the garage door and also chose white UPVC windows throughout the house, giving it a clean look.

The GT Glazing design team were on hand throughout the full process of the house update. They were able to assist by answering all questions that the customer had and always put the customer at ease. They supported the customer and kept full communication from the job enquiry right up to after the job had been completed, ensuring they were always more than satisfied with the customer care before during and after.

After a week of hard work and keeping disturbance to an a minimum, the customer was over the moon with the end result. They noticed the house is incredibly warmer and also felt much safer inside.

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